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Visnyk Newsmagazine

Ukrainian Spirit Lives Here!

Guided by its mandate and principles of community representation and support, UCC-SPC provides a variety of programs and services for the people of Saskatchewan. The organization continues to grow, change and diversify - remaining an active and visible piece of our community's fabric.

UCC-SPC provides services facilitating new-comer intergration, cultural and educational programs.

We celebrate who we are, where we've come from, and where we are going.
And, we honour those who helped build our community.

Visnyk and e-Bulletin


Welcome to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Saskatchewan Provincial Council Visnyk archive.

UCC-SPC mails free issues of its newsmagazine, Visnyk, to over 5,600 recipients and e-mails electronic versions to about 570. To receive the Visnyk, contact our office.

The following is a list of publications currently contained in our archive. The files are in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


View archived issues of Visnyk <here>

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Member organizations qualify for a 10% discount. All advertisers receive a 10% discount for advertising in 4 consecutive issues.


The UCC-SPC e-Bulletin is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter, which aims to keep readers up-to-date on issues and events relevant to Saskatchewan's Ukrainian community. Each issue contains a few short items and a number of upcoming events. An archive of the latest issue is available <here>.

Subscribe to Visnyk or e-Bulletin!

By entering your name in the "Subscribe" box found on this page or by calling 1-888-652-5850 (306-652-5850).

Immigration and Settlement Services



We can ...

  • assist with your most immediate settlement needs, such as
    • accommodations
    • obtaining a Saskatchewan driver’s licence
    • Social Insurance Number application
    • Saskatchewan Health Card application
  • offer information, orientation and assistance with everyday living issues, including
    • banking and financial planning
    • schooling and childcare
    • housing and utilities
    • health care
  • identify community services and facilitate referrals for
    • English as an additional language training
    • employment support services as well as workplace and labour standard issues
    • legal matters
    • social service agencies
  • provide information on your rights and responsibilities in Canada
  • arrange for translation and interpretation services (for a fee)


For settlement advice and to obtain answers to your questions, you can contact a Settlement Advisor by calling the UCC Saskatchewan office toll free 1.888.652.5850, ext. 103 (Serhij) or ext. 104 (Andrii), or by directly e-mailing:

skoroliuk abondar
Serhij Koroliuk
Andrii Bondar


 UCC Saskatchewan office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm

Nation Builders & Community Recognition Awards

About Nation Builders


In 1991, Ukrainian Canadians marked 100 years of Ukrainian settlement in Canada. At that time, the national Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Winnipeg recognized 100 Ukrainian Canadians who had made an outstanding contribution to the development of Canada. The Saskatchewan Provincial Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress resolved to similarly honour Ukrainians in this province. The Nation Builders Awards, initially titled Community Appreciation Awards, were initiated in 1995 and have been held annually since then. In 2014 the Recognitions Committee inaugurated a new award, titled Newsmaker of the Year.

The UCC-SPC Nation Builders Awards were established as an official recognition event of the UCC-SPC. The object is to recognize individuals:

  • who have provided, without reward or gain, outstanding service or exceptional community involvement in an area that is beyond the performance of the individual's normal duties or the exercise of the responsibilities of a profession to which that individual belongs; and/or
  • who have made a lasting impact on Saskatchewan and/or Canada through their contribution to Canadian or Ukrainian-Canadian community development, goals and ideals.

Each year about 10 individuals are so recognized. Candidates for recognition can be nominated by member organizations of the UCC-SPC as well as by individual members of the Ukrainian-Canadian community. The Recognition Committee reviews the submissions as well as the names of persons held in its database. Each group of honourees is chosen so as to represent a cross-section of the Ukrainian-Canadian community as well as Canadian society. Candidates for recognition must have spent a significant part of their lives in Saskatchewan or have made a significant part of their contribution while in Saskatchewan.

From its inception to the end of 2014, the Nation Builders Awards project has honoured 203 individuals (147 NBA, 56 CRA) plus 1 Newsmaker of the Year Award. Honourees hail from all parts of the province and represent a wide range of activities from the arts, to community advocacy, to community and/or political leadership, to accomplished professionals.

Luncheon Venue

The highlight of the Nation Builders Awards is the luncheon, commencing at noon on the first Sunday in November, at which time the honourees are recognized. The luncheon is a semi-formal event; the venue is decorated accordingly. From 1995-2000 the luncheon was held at the Hotel Bessborough in Saskatoon, in 2001 & 2002 it was held in Regina at the Hotel Saskatchewan, in 2003 & 2004 it was held in Yorkton at St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Parish Cultural Centre, 2005 & 2006 in Saskatoon, 2007 & 2008 in Regina, 2009 & 2010 in Saskatoon, 2011 & 2012 in Yorkton, 2013 & 2014 in Regina, and in 2015 it will be held in Saskatoon.

During the luncheon the honourees receive a ‘Nation Builders Awards’ trophy. The attendees receive, as a souvenir of the event, a commemorative booklet containing the biographical sketches of the year’s honourees.


About Community Recognition

In 2005, as part of UCC-SPC’s Saskatchewan Centenary celebration, the prestigious Nation Builders recognition program was enhanced by the establishment of a second award -- the Community Recognition Award. The Community Recognition Award joins the Nation Builders Award as an annual presentation. Community Recognition Awards will be bestowed upon persons who have made meritorious contributions to the Ukrainian community and/or Saskatchewan-Canada in one or more of these areas:

  • Youth Achievement;
  • Leadership;
  • Volunteerism;
  • Cultural Preservation & Development;
  • Creativity & Innovation.


Recognitions Committee

The Recognition Committee consists of a chairperson and up to four additional members appointed by the UCC Saskatchewan Board for a term of three years. Mary Cherneskey (Saskatoon) was the first chairperson, heading the committee for two terms (1995-97 and 1998-2000) and Dr. Tony Harras (Regina) followed as chair for three terms from 2001-2008. Eugene Krenosky (Regina) was chair from 2009-2010. John Rozdilsky (Saskatoon) was chair from 2011-2012 (committee member from 2005-2012). Jayne Paluck (Regina) was chair from 2013-2014. John Denysek (Yorkton) is the current chair; Andrea Kopylech (Saskatoon), Pat Marchinko (Canora), Jan Olesko (Prince Albert), Jayne Paluck (Regina), Steve Pillipow (Regina) and Rev. Patrick Powalinsky (Warman) are the other current members. Previous committee members include: Vera Labach (1995-2000), Alex Balych (1996-2005), Pearl Balych (2000-2003), Angeline Chrusch (2002-2004), Judge Andrew Kindred (1994), Marie Kishchuk (2007-2010), Ollie Marciniuk (2009-2010), Merle Maximiuk (2004-2007), Paul Ortynsky (2001-2006), Christine Devrome (2011-2012), Stephen Senyk (2006-2012) and Mary Ann Trischuk (2009-2012).


Nominating Candidates

Deadline for 2015 is June 15. Nomination form & guidelines



    UCC-SPC Hromada Legacy Fund of Saskatchewan

    In Support of our Hromada!

    In 1994, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council founded the Community Development Fund to support Saskatchewan Ukrainian arts, cultural, educational, heritage, and youth activities in our Hromada (community). Since 2000, the CDF has distributed over $264,000 in grants.

    20 years later, a new program has been launched!

    The UCC-SPC announces the creation of its new grant program - The Hromada Legacy Fund of Saskatchewan.

    The Hromada Legacy Fund of Saskatchewan name pays homage to our Ukrainian community’s roots and heritage while reflecting our unique cultural identity. “Hromada” in the Ukrainian language means community and the term “legacy” refers not only to something that is received from the past but also refers to that which we leave for future generations.

    This momentous decision demonstrates UCC-SPC’s on-going commitment to its members. UCC-SPC is looking to the future! By investing in our members today, they can acquire the knowledge and resources to continue building a culturally dynamic Ukrainian community in Saskatchewan for generations to come.

    The Hromada Legacy Fund of Saskatchewan (HLF) aims to:

    • enhance connectedness of Saskatchewan Ukrainians to a strong cultural identity;
    • celebrate the arts, culture and identity of Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian community;
    • foster achievement, encourage professionalism and the acquisition of knowledge to support Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian cultural identity;
    • contribute to the cultural and organizational development of UCC-SPC’s branches and members;
    • support volunteerism and broaden participation in Ukrainian community activities;
    • support our youth as they explore and experience the richness of the Ukrainian cultural identity; and,
    • promote intercultural experiences between Saskatchewan Ukrainians and other cultural communities.

    Applications are accepted up to the 15th day of February, May or October.

    In 2015, the special added deadline for grant applications is 01 December.

    HLF Guide and Application (PDF)

    HLF Budget Form (MS Excel, click this link and save the file)

    Bazaar Online

    Between Kyiv and Constantinople
    Oleksander Lototsky and the Quest for Ukrainian Autocephaly

    by Andre Partykevich

    Price: $15.00

    The Happy Alphabet (OUT OF STOCK)
    Весела Абетка

    by Kevin Pappas and Yuri Tkach

    Price: $3.50

    City Plan

    by <>

    Price: $5.00

    Ukrainian Dance Resource Booklets
    Series I

    4 Volumes:

    • A Survey of the History of Ukrainian Dance
    • The Origins and Development of the Basic Movements and Patterns of Ukrainian Dance
    • A Record of the Basic Movements of Ukrainian Dance: Part I – The Central Region
    • A Record of Three Ukrainian Dances

    Also available accompanying music: cassette – $3, CD – $5

    by Bohdan Zerebecky

    Price: $10.00

    Ukrainian Dance Resource Booklets
    Series II

    4 Volumes

    • A Record of the Basic Movements of Ukrainian Dance: Part II – The Western Regions (Hutsulshchyna, Bukovyna, Zakarpattia)
    • Ukrainian Folk Dance Choreography
      Cultural Information Package: Obzhynky (The Celebration of Harvest)
    • Cultural Information Package: Malanka (The Celebration Of New Year’s Eve)

    Also available accompanying music: cassette – $3, CD – $5

    by Bohdan Zerebecky

    Price: $8.00

    Ukrainian Dance Resource Booklets
    Series III Curriculum & Teachers Guide

    550-page Ukrainian Dance Curriculum & Teacher’s Guide:

    • Designed to assist Ukrainian dance teachers operate instructional programs conducted on a once-a-week basis for students aged 5-15

    by Bohdan Zerebecky

    Price: $25.00

    Ukrainian Dance Resource Booklets
    Series IV

    3 volumes:

    • Each volume is devoted to a record of characteristic dances of the western Ukrainian regions of Hutsulshchyna, Bukovyna and Zakarpattia

    Also available accompanying music: cassette – $3, CD – $5

    by Bohdan Zerebecky

    Price: $8.00


    Songs for the Christmas Season

    Price: $15.00


    Songs for the Christmas Season

    Price: $10.00

    To place an order for any of the above, please contact the UCC-SPC office.

    Phone: (306) 652-5850


    Ukrainian Dance


    Ukrainian Dance


    Українські народні танці


    Program Archive


    There is no content at this time.

    На даний час нема перекладу.

    Translation and Interpretation Services
    • Translation & Interpretation Services Coordinator
      George Zerebecky
    • Oral language interpretation
      $35 per hour of oral interpretation
    • Translation of driver's licence
    • Translation of other documents: Diplomas, certificates, records, forms, safety and work manuals etc.
      $24 per page (price may vary for documentation with special terminology)

    Literatoura 2013 with Barbara Sapergia, author of Blood and Salt

    Festival of Ukrainian Cinema


    There is no content at this time.

    На даний час нема перекладу.

    Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Saskatchewan Provincial Council, Inc. • Провінційна Рада КУК Саскачевану
    4 - 2345 Avenue C North • Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Z5
    Phone: 1.306.652.5850 • Toll-free: 1.888.652.5850 • Fax: 1.306.665.2127
    E-mail • Е-Пошта

    © 1997-2015 Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council

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