UCC-SB is no longer offering the English Classes program
З Різдвом Христовим та Новим Роком!

UCC-SB will no longer be offering the English for Employment program. UCC-SPC is now coordinating the program. Visit their website at https://www.ucc.sk.ca/ for further details and information on the classes being offered.

Jennifer Fedun may be reached weekdays from 9:30 am to 5 pm at 1.888.652.5850 (in Saskatoon, 306.652.5850), ext. 109 or at j.fedun@ucc.sk.ca.
posted: 14 Jan, 2019
We still have a few class spots open!
English for Employment – Enhanced Programming classes still have a few seats available!

If you’ve been hoping to improve your English and to learn more about the Canadian workplace, these could be the classes for you!

Call our office at (306) 244-8227 or (306) 715-9501 to get more information or to schedule a registration appointment.
posted: 06 Apr, 2018
2018 English classes will soon begin!
We are so excited to once again offer English classes in 2018!

Saturday classes will start on January 27th, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, at Marion Graham Collegiate.

Tuesday evening class will start on January 30th, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, at Marion Graham Collegiate.

Click on ‘English Classes’ above to view the full class schedule and classroom designations.

If you would like to register for classes early, please call (306) 244-8227 to make an appointment.

You may also register on the first day of class. Please remember to bring your most recent Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) test results, as well as your social insurance number.
posted: 08 Jan, 2018
Stage 1&2 English Classes (CLB Levels 2-6)
Stage 1&2 English classes (CLB levels 2-6) have already started for fall 2017.

You will not be allowed to attend any classes until you register.If you missed registration, please call the office at (306)244-8227 to make arrangements to do so.
posted: 11 Sep, 2017
Summer Classes - Літні курси
UCC-SB will be offering several English classes this summer including English for Employment and Conversation Class.

Please check the student calendar at the bottom of the Schedule page.
posted: 22 June, 2017
Wanuskewin Field Trip
Who: ALL UCC-SB Stage 1&2 students
When: Saturday, June 24, 2017
Where: Meet at Rusty Macdonald Library, 225 Primrose Drive in the Meeting Room at 10:00am. We will drive together to Wanuskewin. Don’t be late!
What to Bring:
  1. Lunch for you and your family.  You may buy lunch if you prefer.
  2. Good walking shoes. Dress appropriately for the weather - we will be outside all day if the weather is nice. If it rains, we will have indoor activities.

Cost: FREE for all UCC-SB students, teachers, children who use our childminding services and childminders.
You are welcome to bring your families. Their cost: Adults - $8.50, children - $4.00, 5 and under – free.

NOTE: English For Employment students are welcome to join us for this cultural awareness opportunity.
posted: 01 June, 2017
New eBulletin Available!
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for March 2017. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
posted: 29 March, 2017
Saturday, March 11 Excursion to Fire hall
ALL Saturday students: Your class starts at 10:30 am today only.

At 1:45 pm all Saturday students, teachers and childminders will travel to the downtown fire hall on Idylwyld Drive for a special presentation and tour. Firefighter Viki will give you a tour of the facility and you will have an opportunity to ask questions.
posted: 26 February, 2017
Christmas Holiday Break / Розклад занять на Різдв’яні свята
Thursday, January 5, 2017 - Evening Classes Begin
Saturday, January 7, 2017 - Classes Cancelled. Christmas according to Julian calendar
Saturday, January 14, 2017 - Saturday Classes Begin

Follow the link for more details

New students: follow the link for details. Нові студенти: додаткова інформація доступна за посиланням.
posted: 31 December, 2016
New eBulletin Available!
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for December 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
posted: 08 December, 2016
Events During Holodomor Recognition Week
Holodomor Film Screening “The Living” (Живі): USUSA
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 7 PM
Fr. O’Donnell Auditorium in St. Thomas More College, Saskatoon.
The Living (2008) is director Sergiy Bukovsky’s tribute to the children who survived the horrors of the Holodomor. The film shares these shocking first-hand accounts from Gareth Jones and testimonies from Holodomor survivors.

Holodomor Vigil: UCC-SB
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 7 PM
City Hall (222 3rd Ave N), Saskatoon.
The UCC-SB is hosting a vigil to acknowledge and commemorate the lives lost during the Holodomor genocide.

Holodomor Candlelight Vigil: USUSA
Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 12:30 PM
Lesya Ukrainka Statue, outside of Murray Library (northwest side of building), Saskatoon.
A commemorating ceremony will be led by Father Andre and feature speakers from the campus community.
posted: 21 November, 2016
New eBulletin Available!
17 November, 2016
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for November 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
Fall Registration for English Classes starts soon!
29 August, 2016
Click on the links for details. Posters (English and Ukrainian versions) are attached.
New eBulletin Available!
04 July, 2016
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for July 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
Summer English Classes - Літні курси англійської мови
16 June, 2016
UCC-SB is offering Stage 1&2 English classes this summer. Follow the link for details.

Конгрес Українців Канади - Саскатунський відділ, пропонує курси англійської мови цього літа (Stage 1&2). Додаткова інформація доступна за посиланням.
New eBulletin Available!
16 June, 2016
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for June 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
New eBulletin Available!
03 May, 2016
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for May 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
New Website for Ukrainian Day in the Park!
21 April, 2016
Ukrainian Day in the Park now has it's own dedicated home on the internet. Check it out and bookmark it for updates and news!

New eBulletin Available!
01 April, 2016
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for April 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!
15 березня, 2016 р.
There are no classes on Thursday, March 17th. Larraine’s and Cait’s students: Meet your teacher and classmates at the front doors of Marion Graham Collegiate at 6:30 pm. You will go to Market Mall for an excursion which includes playing mini-golf. Mike’s English for Employment class is cancelled on Thursday, March 17th and Tuesday, March 22nd.
eBulletin Now Available!
15 березня, 2016 р.
UCC-SB eBulletin is now available for March 2016. Click the link for a PDF of the bulletin!